Retiring the Free, On-Demand Audits

A few days ago, a new, Free plan has been introduced. With this change, the need for the free, limited on-demand audits disappeared.

The Free plan requires no credit card, and, although it’s limited in scope, it’s much more detailed then the on-demand one.

The on-demand audit will be retired by the end of this year and replaced with the Free plan.

The Free plan includes the same pagespeed checks and measurements as the paid plans, but it doesn’t include the evolution charts. The data retention is one day, so it’s basically a one-time check. It repeats nightly, so every 24 hours, you will have fresh data.

Subscribe to any plan and
automate your website monitoring!

Get the new Core Web Vitals from Google: First Input Delay, Largest Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout Shift! Get all the new Lighthouse v6 metrics from Google: Time to Interactive, First Meaningful Paint, First CPU Idle, Total Blocking Time, Speed Index and more!

Get detailed breakdowns of each asset type (images, JavaScript, CSS stylesheets) along with their size, URL schema and evolution over-time! Get local vs. external ratio and take smart decisions!

Get even more audits, metrics and breakdowns, basic SEO checks, DNS tools, re-run audits as many times as you want and store the details. Show your clients before and after pagespeed evolution. Track websites’ evolution over many months and see what slows them down. Read tips and tricks and improve your websites’ page speed and performance!

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